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Creatives At Work – A video production company based in Auckland & Whangarei


CAW is a video production company based in Auckland and Whangarei. We specialise in creating anything video, from social media campaign videos, corporate videos, marketing videos, event videography, brand activation’s, training videos, commercials, 2D animation and editing. If you have something in mind, we can bring that idea to life.


Although we are at the forefront of CAW, we work with a team of highly skilled individuals who share a passion for video production.
Corporate video production Auckland
Grant Ballot – Digital Creative


Let’s just get this out the way, I have an unfair advantage! I am a human jib, tripod and crane all in one. At 6”5 I definitely have a unique perspective of the world, maybe this is why I nail my shot composition every time, or maybe it is my 12 years’ experience accompanied with a Degree in Television production?! I guess we will never know the true method to my magic.


Jokes aside, Grant has a vast knowledge of the industry and has been producing video content for over 12 years. He has worked mainly in the online video content space but has produced videos for broadcast television as well as TVC’s.
Travis Bloem – Digital Creative


From creating comics at age 6 to having paintings exhibited in art galleries, story-telling and art have always been a major feature in Travis’s life. He found video to be the perfect medium to set his creativity and vivid imagination free.


He prides himself in the ability to befriend anyone, act professionally, think outside of the box and works incredibly hard to achieve his goals.


Other than film-making, he’s a musician, self-proclaimed coffee expert and animal lover. Offer him a coffee and he’ll do almost anything for you.