We ordered a new slider and something called a tilt head. To you, this may seem like a bunch of gibberish, but for us, it means the ability to get some really unusual and cool-looking shots. The first new addition to the CAW family is the Edelkrone slider one. This nifty little piece of equipment allows us to get smooth sliding shots like you see in the movies. The difference is that on a movie set, they would use a huge track system that will take minutes, if not hours, to set up for each shot. This piece of equipment fits right into our backpack and takes a whole 45 seconds to set up. Pretty cool stuff!
The tilt head is another piece of equipment from the Edelkrone family, and what this does is it gives you the ability to shoot unusual angles when on a tripod.
We are extremely excited and can’t wait to use it on our next video production in Auckland.

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