CAW Video has been out and about filming some great stuff recently. A little passion project that we worked on was capturing drone footage of the collapse of Kennedy Stairs – aka ‘the stairs of doom’.
Auckland’s Kennedy Park stairs collapsed after torrential rain caused slips and structural damage to the popular wooden stairway that attracted hundreds of fitness fanatics. Not only were ‘the stairs’ a leg-debilitating challenge to see how many sets you and your buddies could thrash out, but it was the only access to the beautiful bay where you would often see people  enjoying a stroll on the sands or a dip in the water – when the weather permitted.
CAW Video has a passion for capturing interesting events and creating videos that people love to watch. This video in particular gained a lot of interest from the public and has been very well received with over 5200 views and over 30 shares.
Social media is bigger than ever before! We are currently a part of a digital revolution where audiences from all over the world are hungry for more and more content. If you aren’t staying abreast of your social media presence, you are going to be left behind. One of the most effective and measurable ways you can do this is by showcasing a video that is visually appealing and calls your audience to action!
Contact CAW Video to find out how we can help you with creating an exceptional video, tailored to your needs, your industry and most importantly – your audience!

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